Are Khan Fokhar products food safe?

Yes. All of our products are lead free, glazed using food safe materials.

Are Khan Fokhar products stove safe?

The Manoush collection is microwaveable, dishwasher safe, & oven safe. The Aurum collection is non-microwavable since it's pure gold. It's dishwasher safe for up to 500 cycles, as well as oven safe.

As for stove usage, certain items are stove safe. There has to be a diffuser between the open flame and the product. Khan Fokhar products would not survive direct heat.

Are Khan Fokhar products durable?

As we hand paint on porcelain, all our products are durable, but breakable. Items should always be delicately approached. Products should be handled with care.

Where can I find Khan Fokhar products?

Our showroom is located at 16 A Maamal Al Sokkar, Garden City. The working hours are 10-4 PM, Saturdays-Thursdays!

Shipping questions

Why does shipping take so long?

Since, we don't mass produce, each piece is hand painted by two of our three co-founders. Which means if your item is not in stock, it will be made for you.

Do you ship internationally?

Not at the moment, but soon!

Returns questions

Do you offer returns?

Yes! Please refer to our returns & exchanges page for details.

Secure transactions

Transactions are handled with bank-grade security.

Simple checkout

Our secure checkout is quick and easy to use.

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